Our vision is to help more baby projects grow into rock stars, and we will work hard to realize it. Here's the to-do list.


  • Swap: Trade over 90% of tokens on BNB Chain
  • Smart Router: Automatically route to the liquidity pool with the best price for a specific transaction
  • Liquidity: Add tokens to the liquidity pool and receive LP tokens
  • Farms: Stake LP tokens, earn BABY or Altcoins
    • Earn BABY: Stake BABY-LP or other LP tokens, earn BABY with fees
    • Earn Alt: Stake Alt-LP, earn Altcoins
  • Pools: Stake BABY or Altcoins, earn BABY or Altcoins
    • Auto-compounding: Stake BABY earn BABY with your earnings reinvesting automatically
    • Limited Pool: Each address can only stake a certain amount of BABY to earn tokens in a limited period of time
    • Earn BABY: Stake BABY/Altcoins, earn BABY
    • Earn Alt: Stake BABY/Altcoins, earn Altcoins
  • Vault: Stake LP tokens from other platforms (Eg. PancakeSwap) to earn other tokens on BabySwap
  • Bottles: Get grants for your project from the growth fund via the user's voting power - vote by BABY, fund in BABY
  • Hold: Lock tokens for a certain period of time and earn tokens with a fixed APY
  • Playground: Use BABY to play and earn in Baby friend's home with more use cases
  • IDO (Initial DEX Offering): Raise funds for your project in USDT
  • IFO (Initial Farm Offering): Raise funds for your project in BABY-USDT LP tokens. After redeeming the LP tokens, the USDT is distributed to the project, and the BABY is burned
  • NFT Ecosystem: Collectibles, Marketplace, etc. Mint, stake, and trade - consumption of BABY
    • Collectibles: Collect and stake NFB to earn BABY
    • Marketplace: Trade NFB using BABY and burn more
  • DID: A decentralized Identity and social platform with unique identities, Web 3 data, Web 2 social media, and Baby Wonderland in Baby Metaverse
  • Baby Wonderland: Use BABY to mint and trade your land assets to merge for larger size land and Hold-to-Earn for more hourly BABY output distribution
  • Lucky Baby: Win huge rewards by accomplishing simple and daily-routine-like tasks to earn points to scratch cards
  • GamePad: Provide full-life-cycle support for gaming projects, including Labs (fund, resources), IGO (Initial Gaming Offering), DeFi, and promotion.
  • vBABY: Proof of Membership, non-transferable token minted by BABY at a fixed rate. vBABY holders can enjoy rewards such as trading fee discounts, BABY rewards, and IFO shares.
  • Profile: Customized user profile in NFT, the core crypto identity in Baby Metaverse - consumption of BABY
  • DAO: Participate in governance and vote on proposals - vote by BABY
  • Multi-chain: Launch on other blockchains and service more projects and users

User Experience

  • Mobile friendly
  • Faster site
  • Improved UX
  • Multi-language
  • Personal dashboard

Project Service

  • One-stop Guidance Package
  • Grants Program
  • Incubation Alliance

Business Development

  • BabySwap Friends
  • List on CEX