NFB (Non-Fungible Baby)

Ticker: NFB

Contract Address: 0x9f0225d5C92B9cee4024F6406c4f13e546Fd91A8

Chain: BNB Chain (BEP721)

What is NFB?

Non-Fungible Baby (NFB) is cryptographically generated sets of unique, rare, immutable, digital Baby figures. Each series of NFB is limited, with a fixed face value in BABY, can be collected in wallet, staked in NFB mining, or traded in the marketplace.

How can I get an NFB?

Each series of NFB will be created by BabySwap team and distributed via airdrop, sale, and other innovative ways.

What can I do with NFB?


You can store them in the wallet as a collection, and when you connect to the website, the NFB will be shown on My NFB pages.


You can stake them to earn BABY on Babyswap, the mining rate will be higher than BABY pool.


You can trade them in BabySwap's cooperated NFB marketplace or BabySwap NFB Platform.

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