How to Get a Land?

How to Get your Land?

Go to the Land page.

  1. Connect your wallet.

2. Select a type of land that you want to mint.

3. To mint 1*1 land, you can choose the number of lands that you want to mint.

4. Click ‘Approve 1*1 Mint’.

5. You can mint your selected numbers of land at once (10 of 1*1 lands selected this time).

6. To mint the 3*3 land, click ‘Approve 3*3 Mint’ directly because you can only mint ONE 3*3 land at once.

7. Click the button to mint.

8. Land minted!

9. You can now check your land assets in ‘My land’ with a specific size and location. Note that it may take a few minutes to display.

How to Merge your Land?

Go to your Land page.


  1. Select ‘Merge’.

2. Select your lands that are adjacent to each other that can be merged at least to the size of 2*2. Note that they can only be minted in squares.

3. Click ‘Confirm’.

4. Done! You have now merged your lands into a larger square.


  1. Select ‘Unmerge’

2. Select the land that you want to unmerge.

3. Click ‘Confirm’.

4. Done! You have now unmerged your land into smaller lands.

How to Get a Larger Land?

  1. You can directly mint a 3*3 land on Baby Wonderland.

  2. You can decide on an area that you want to have a larger land on, make sure you have at least one land in that area. And then you can search for adjacent lands on the secondary market, to collect them to merge (must be a square) as large as possible.

  3. You can directly buy merged lands on the secondary land. You can exchange your lands with others (by transferring each other’s lands) to collect adjacent lands to merge.

How to Find Your Dream Land?

Filtered Searching On the left-hand side of the map, you can find a Filter for you to locate particular lands or areas:

Trade: Check the land assets that are listed on BabySwap NFT Market and available for sale.

Size: To filter out the specific land sizes that you want.

Type: To pick out the particular types of land that you want.

Map Legend: To identify lands by different land colors.

What Can I Do with Lands?

You can initially mint your land assets in Baby Wonderland, trade them in the secondary market such as BabySwap NFT Market, and transfer your lands.

Then you can check your land assets on Baby Wonderland by filtering or entering your BabySwap NFT Market.

You can also connect your web 2 social media accounts to DID, and also personalize your Bio with phases at any time, which will be shown when someone clicks on your land.

When someone clicks on your land, your Bio will be shown like this:

In the future, you will be able to gather resources from different islands for various resources to build your land to increase your Prosperity Points for sustainable incomes. And get special buildings via the resources you get and stake them for more rewards.

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