Wonderland FAQ

What currency are we using to mint?

BABY and BABY only.

What’s the eligibility for minting Baby Wonderland?

Anyone with a required amount of BABY in the address can mint.

Is there a limited time for mint?

No, you can mint whenever with time restrictions.

What if there are not enough users to mint all 10,660 lands?

Sold out all the lands is not the initial goal, users will have plenty of time to know the benefits and know why they should mint or buy from the secondary market. There’s no time limit for the mint, but it’s only easier to get your dreamland at the early stage. The more you have, the more benefits you will have after the tokenomic upgrade.

Why is 1*1 at a price of 1,000 BABY, where 3*3 is at a price of 20,000 BABY?

It’s quite hard to get 9 adjacent lands considering there are 15,000 pieces of land overall.

How can users profit from Baby Wonderland?

Baby Wonderland carries a portion of the $BABY daily output. More about this part will be disclosed once the tokenomic upgrades come out.

What other benefits can users get from a 3*3 land?

It can increase your Prosperity Points, and Prosperity Points are highly related to the new upgrade.

Is Wonderland a game?

It’s not a game. It’s the core asset of Baby MetaFi after the tokenomic upgrade. You are able to build the Babyverse with the rest of the community here and be a part of the city. It’s the carrier of BABY and the preface of Baby DAO.

Will new tokenomic details be announced after minting all 6 islands?

It will be announced after a period of time, and before the other 5 Islands are open for mint. The schedule can be found in the roadmap section.

Can users build their own homes on Baby Wonderland land?

You will be able to build your land on Baby Wonderland in the future.

Can 3*3 Lands be merged again with other 1*1 lands to make it larger?

You can only merge adjacent 1*1 lands into a bigger square. If you want to merge your 3*3 with other adjacent lands to make it 4*4 or bigger, you have to unmerge it and then merge again.

Can a merged land be premium and how?

Yes, if there’s at least ONE Premium 11 land within your merged set, the land will be premium. In other words, 1 premium 1*1 land with 8 other adjacent normal lands can be merged into a Premium 33.

What’s the royalty fee for Land?


Did the free lands for Baby Wealthy Club and giveaways cost anything from the BabySwap team? Will it be burned?

Yes, these lands were pre-minted by BabySwap and the equivalent amount of BABY will be burnt.

Can users transfer the land to a different address?

Yes, but the batch transfer is not available for now, and it will be upgraded soon. You can transfer your 1*1 lands one by one.

Will the free lands from Baby Wonderland giveaway activities be airdropped to the winners?

Users can connect their wallets to check their eligibility and claim their lands on the Activities page here: https://home.babyswap.finance/claim. The winners will be gradually announced.

Where can the users check the number of lands left?

You can check the 1*1 for public mint here.

How can the users find the token ID of the lands adjacent to their land to check if available in the market to buy?

You can use the filter on BabySwap NFT Market and sort by location to find the land you want.

What if people listed a 3*3 land but unmerge it later on?

3*3 Lands cannot be listed online yet, the lands you see on the BabySwap NFT Market are all 11 lands. The batch exchange will be available in the future and related features will be updated as well. So, basically, if you listed 1 land of your 3*3, and it was purchased by others, your 3*3 will be automatically unmerged.

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