About Baby Wonderland

What Islands are there?

Main Land

Is the enigmatic Main Land really shaped like a pacifier? What does it stand for? Is there something incredibly special that babies can find there? What kind of babies can live on the Main Land? Pacifiers have their own power. If you decide to move to the Main Land, you will be living in modern buildings just like Babyverse.

Scorpion Land

Seems like a scorpion symbolizes something special in this Land. Please do not take it wrong, it’s something sacred instead of evil. There might be sand storms, but you will always know the way home. If you decide to move to the Scorpion Land, you will be living in ancient earthen buildings.

Frosty Land

It’s freezing cold!! Take my word for it β€” you should be wearing some warm clothes here! How could it be so cold and covered with ice and snow? It’s so cold that even the time can freeze β€” the clock ticks way too slow that one second is like forever. If you decide to move to the Frosty Land, you will be living in Igloos with thick furs.

Ghost Land

Boo! Please never ever venture out at night. With the exception of Wednesdays, though, when you need some thrills! The brave and adventurous nature of babies makes it possible to embark on exciting adventures wherever! Oh, and the ghosts here seem to be rather hospitable from what you can imagine β€” after I unintentionally left the fire on one day, they turned it off for me! What are they seeking? Will we coexist harmoniously here? If you decide to move to the Ghost Land, you will be living in old castles with nothing but bravery.

Wizard Land

Do not talk about common sense here because it’s the world of magic! The home of wizards is saturated with mysterious and miraculous buildings, magics, and herbs. Be very careful if someone hands you a drink, you could end up turning into a rabbit or some other creature! Explore whatever you want, but don’t trespass on wizards’ properties or piss them off because they are brilliant in the pharmacy. You surely don’t like to be drugged. If you decide to move to the Wizard Land, you will be living in vial-shaped houses with a large cauldron in your backyard.

Divinity Land

Faith is on top of anything here! Your sins will be washed away once you step on the land. The soil and air will sublimate your soul for ultimate inner peace. Do you see the light that indicates victory in the future? Do you lay aside all the love and hatred from the secular world? Seek your faith, and go for omniscience. If you decide to move to the Divinity Land, you will be living in white and sharp-roof buildings where you can meditate at any time.

Rarity of Land

There are two rarities of the land assets: Normal and Premium will be distributed randomly when you mint the land. Within 10,660 lands, 20% of them will be Premium, and the rest will be Normal in rarity.

Quantity & Size of Land

Check out the allocation of the total of 15,000 lands on the Main Land.

Available Building Space

A 1*1 Pixel Land is 50 metres * 50 metres in real-world measure. The height is 100 metres for taller buildings later on.

Core assets of Baby MetaFi

Baby Wonderland is the core asset for Baby MetaFi and carries a significant portion of the $BABY daily output. There will be some major tokenomic upgrades coming after the launching of Baby Wonderland.

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