Roadmap of Baby Wonderland

There are overall three phases in Baby Wonderland for users to keep track of the progress and to expect more in the near future.

  • Phase 1 is related to the Land itself, where you can initially mint your land assets in Baby Wonderland, and also trade them in the secondary market. You will be able to combine the nearby 1x1 land assets together into a larger square, for example, 3x3, 6x6, or even larger. The mint of each island will be gradually open, and won’t be minted all at once. Please also note that the land assets you mint can be a Normal Land or a Premium land. The detailed differences between these two kinds will be further explained in later periods.

  • Phase 2 is related to Resources. Babies will be able to gather resources from different islands. Depending on the distinct environment of each island, there will be different resources. You need resources to build your land to increase your Prosperity Points for sustainable incomes.

  • Phase 3 is related to Building, where babies are able to get special buildings via the resources you get and stake them for more rewards.

Baby Wonderland has many elements that are upcoming along the way as Baby Wonderland steps into different phases:

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