How to Hold to Earn?

Hold to Earn

Holding means earning! The new and effective way of earning on Baby MetaFi. Other than the stake, trade, and other Act-to-Earn methods, users can simply HOLD the Lands and earn. The more land users hold, the more profit they gain. Holding is a great and effortless way to be crypto-rich.

How to Hold?

Go to the Land page.

  1. Connect your wallet to mint 1*1 land

2. Select the amount of 1*1 land you want to mint at once. At least 1 and at most 10 lands at one time.

3. Mint your lands!

Go to BabySwap NFT Market

  1. Select โ€˜Baby Wonderlandโ€™ on the collections

2. Pick the one that fits your price preference, or filter by โ€˜Locationโ€™, โ€˜Sizeโ€™, and โ€˜Typeโ€™ to get your desired land

3. Buy your desired land!

Hold as Landlords

Certain NFTs holders can use their NFTs as Landlords on your land to add Prosperity Points. Only 1 NFT is allowed to be signed for 1 Land, whether the Land is merged or isolated. If you merge or unmerge your Land, the signed NFT will be automatically released.

LandlordProsperity Point Multiplier

Diamond Hand NFB


Baby Wealthy Club


Baby BAB Family


How to Earn?

Prosperity Points

The core feature of Baby Wonderland that all land possesses naturally and differs in rarity, size, and some other factors. The more land you have, the higher the Prosperity Points you own, the greater the proportion of your Prosperity Points in the Babyverse, and the more BABY you earn.

Prosperity Points differ in rarities:

  • Normal Land - 100 PPs

  • Premium Land - 120 PPs

Land Multiplier

Prosperity Points differ in size and each merged land will have multipliers as below:

Land SizeLand Multiplier

2*2 Land

1.5x multiplier

3*3 Land

2.5x multiplier

4*4 Land

3.5x multiplier

5*5 Land

4.5x multiplier

6*6 Land

5.5x multiplier

Example of steps to Calculate Prosperity Points

If Baby A owns 20 Land with 7 of them being Premium and 13 of them being Normal, with different combinations and locations demonstrated on the poster below, how many combos and possibilities are there?

  • Method 1: 20 of 1*1 lands โ€” Total Prosperity Points = 2,140


  • Method 2: 4 of 2*2 lands with all of them being Premium + 4 of 1*1 lands with 3 of them being Premium โ€” Total Prosperity Points = 3,340


  • Method 3: 1 of 3*3 land + 2 of 2*2 lands + 3 of 1*1 with 2 of them being Premium โ€” Total Prosperity Points = 6,720


  • Method 4: 1 of 4*4 land + 4 of 1*1 land with 1 of them being Premium โ€” Total Prosperity Points = 7,140


BABY Distribution

A snapshot is taken every 1,200 blocks to calculate your Prosperity Points, and the more Prosperity Points you have at the time of the snapshot, the more BABY you can claim. It only depends on the proportion you have compared to the overall Prosperity Points on Baby Wonderland. The BABY output will be settled for that hour after the snapshot and can be claimed at any time, or you can choose to accumulate them for a few days and claim them at once.

Land APRs

Land APR varies in personal Prosperity Points as well as input capital. Users will have different APRs to get their hourly $BABY output distribution. Use 57,600*(Your Prosperity Points/Global Prosperity Points) as your numerator, and your input capital as your denominator, multiply a year (365 days) to get your APR.

Example: If Baby A minted one 1*1 Normal land with 1,000 BABY, with 100 Prosperity Points for Normal land and 1,000,000 Global Prosperity Points, what is its APR?

Numerator: 100/1,000,000 = 0.0001*57,600 = 5.76

Denumerator: 1,000 BABY

Multiply 365 days: 5.76/1,000 = 0.00576*365=2.1024

APR: 210.24%

Other Factors Affect your Prosperity Points


Certain NFTs holders can use them as Landlords on your land to add Prosperity Points

Resources and Buildings

They can be used to increase your Prosperity Points

The Prosperity Points on Other Islands

The Prosperity Points for each land wonโ€™t be the same as the lands on the Main Land and will be smaller

Land Quantity

The more lands you hold, the higher the Prosperity Points you have. Your Prosperity Points/Global Prosperity Points in percent will be higher to receive more $BABY output

Note that except for land quantity, other factors will be taken into effect on your Prosperity Points gradually in the later stages of Baby Wonderland.

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