V1-V2 Farm Migration

Unstake LP Tokens from V1 Farms

  • Locate the Farms that you have staked in.

  • Click on โ€œโž–โ€, the minus button to unstake.

  • Unstake all of your LP tokens from all V1 farms.

  • Click โ€˜Confirmโ€™ to complete your withdrawal process.

Note that since V2 Farms are now launched, you can only withdraw your investments from V1 Farms, and your rewards from both V1 Farms and Pools can be harvested together from the BabySwap Claim page.

Stake LP Tokens in V2 Farms

  • Now you can stake the LP tokens that you withdrew from V1 Farms.

  • Click โ€˜Confirmโ€™.

  • You have successfully migrated your V1 Farms to V2 Farms now!

Add Liquidity to V2 LPs

  • If you want to stake more into V2 Farms but have no LP tokens to stake.

  • Click โ€˜Get LPโ€™ or go to the Liquidity page directly.

  • Go directly to add liquidity to receive LP tokens.

  • Done! You can now stake LP tokens.

  • Click โ€˜โž•โ€™, the plus button to stake.

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