DID is the Decentralized Identity in Baby Metaverse. It is a Social Platform with unique identities, Web 3 data, Web 2 social media, and Baby Wonderland. You will be able to change your profile picture and set up your own Web 3 profile, check your balance and assets analysis, meet and communicate with other babies, and together build the Baby Wonderland for crypto awareness.


Setting up your profile is the first step to DID. You can use our default profile pictures or NFTs from Baby Wealthy Club to build your own profile. You will be able to link your social media in Web 2 in the future.

Baby’s Assets

You are able to check your assets distribution including tokens in the wallet, farms, pools, and vaults on BabySwap. There is only a limited amount of tokens that can be displayed in this section, but we will gradually add more to the list.

Baby Achievement Board

To be updated