In Mission, you will be able to win huge rewards by accomplishing simple tasks to win juicy rewards in USDT.


You need points earned from tasks to scratch the cards for rewards. Tasks have their own period, please read the details carefully. The points of each card might be different for every round. Rewards for Scratch Cards are relatively small.

Withdraw the Rewards

All your rewards earned from Scratch Cards will be stored in the Lucky Rewards section, and you can withdraw them at any time.


How do I get chances for the Scratch-off?
You can complete the tasks to win the points, and use the points to scratch. Note that each round of Scratch-off requires different amounts of points.
What if my points haven’t been used this round yet it’s already sold out?
Your points are accumulable and can be used in future rounds.
How long will the Scratch-off last?
7 days a round. The amount of Scratch-offs is limited each round.