Milk Bottle
Milk Bottle supports projects to grow, and 0.025% trading fee will be used to buy back BABY as a weekly growth fund. The growth fund will be awarded to winning projects including the top 3 projects in the Bottle Weekly Campaign, Weekly Best New Project, and Weekly Top Social Signal Project.
Stake BABY to vote, collect BABY to earn!
Bottle is a weekly event that has three stages:

Audition Stage (Monday 00:00:00 - Thursday 23:59:59 UTC Time)

The system will calculate the votes according to projects’ “ALT-USDT” Liquidity(Over $10,000) and their Weekly Trading Volume on BabySwap to rank all the projects.
Calculation Rules
ALT-USDT Liquidity on BabySwap
$1 = 1 Vote
Weekly Trading Volume on BabySwap
$1 = 2 Votes
Top 100 projects will be listed in the Audition page, but only the top 10 will enter the next stage.

Voting Stage (Friday 00:00:00 - Friday 23:59:59 UTC Time)

When the voting starts, users can stake their BABY to vote for their favorite projects. The voted BABY will be transferred to the BABY pool contract to earn BABY.
Calculation Rules
BABY Votes
1 BABY = 1 Vote

Announcement Stage (Saturday 00:00:00 - Sunday 23:59:59 UTC Time)

When the voting ends, users can collect their staked BABY and additional BABY rewards.
As the new week comes, you can check the results of the previous week under ‘Past Votes’ and also see the status of the current week under ‘New Vote’. If you forget to collect your BABY, you could move to ‘Past Votes’ to proceed.
Note: Past Votes only reserves data from the recent 4 weeks, please remember to get your BABY out on time!

How can I participate in Milk Bottles?

Check the guide for a step-by-step

How can my project win the Bottle?

BUIDL as usual, the market will tell.
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