GamePad provides investment, issuance, DeFi, funds, promotion, and other services for GameFi projects.
To be specific, for projects applying to join GamePad, BabySwap offers:


Invest a certain amount of funds to support the early development of the project.


Help the game to carry out the initial sale of assets, including governance tokens (IFO, Initial Farm Offerings) and game assets (INO, Initial NFT Offerings)


Provide DeFi services for governance tokens (BEP 20) and game assets (BEP 721), including Exchange, Staking, and other services.


For projects with excellent performance, growth funds will be provided for project construction, business development, joint marketing, safety audits, etc.


Resource support, including but not limited to marketing, security, community, media, CEX exchange, etc.

How can my project join the GamePad?

Reach out via the application form.
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How can my project join the GamePad?