Lucky Baby

In Lucky Baby, you will be able to win huge rewards by accomplishing simple tasks or buying tickets using a small amount of BABY.


You need points earned from tasks to scratch the cards for rewards. Tasks have their own period, please read the details carefully. The points of each card might be different for every round. Rewards for Scratch Cards are relatively small.

Piggy Bank

To get the chance to earn rewards from the Piggy Bank, you can use your BABY to purchase the tickets. Rewards from Piggy Bank are relatively huge but with fewer winners.
5 winning tickets will equally share Piggy Bank rewards each round. You only need 1 BABY for 1 ticket to get the opportunity of sharing huge rewards. The more tickets you have, the higher possibility you get.
The Piggy Bank reward pool is separated into two parts - Basic + Additional. Scratch Cards will not be available in the last hour of each round of Lucky Baby. The unscratched part will be transferred into Piggy Bank reward as the additional rewards.
You can only buy tickets for the Piggy Bank before the last half hour of each round of Lucky Baby. 5 random numbers will be chosen and matched with users’ numbers. The Lucky Baby who has the matched number can split the huge rewards.
The received BABY will be separated into two parts. 50% will be given to vBABY holders, and 50% will be burned.

Withdraw the Rewards

All your rewards earned from Scratch Cards and Piggy Bank will be stored in the Lucky Rewards section, and you can withdraw them at any time.


When do the tasks and round reset?
12 PM UTC.
How do I get chances for the Scratch-off?
You can complete the tasks to win the points, and use the points to scratch. Note that each round of Scratch-off requires different amounts of points.
What happens if there’s still leftover in the Scratch-Off?
The remaining prizes will be transferred to the Piggy Bank.
How long will the Scratch-off last?
7 days a round. The amount of Scratch-offs is limited each round.
What if my points haven’t been used this round yet it’s already sold out?
Your points are accumulable and can be used in the future rounds.
How can I buy tickets for Piggy Bank?
You can use your BABY to buy the tickets for Piggy Bank.
How many tickets can I buy at most?
There’s no limit on the quantity.
Will the number of tickets influence my chance of winning?
The more tickets you have, the higher the probability is to share the huge rewards.
How long will Piggy Bank last?
7 days a round.