Perpetual FAQ

I can’t see my funds! What happened?

It’s in your future account! Check your balance in the perpetual trading page.

How much at most can I deposit?

Margin Value
No Limit
No Limit

Submit a Ticket for Support

ApolloX is providing the support ticket system for our Perpetual Swap! If you have issues related, click on the icon on the top right corner and submit for help!

How does ApolloX determine which user is from BabySwap and which user is from their own website?

Based on the first time the address was signed up at Baby’s domain or APX's domain, if the wallet address has already signed up with ApolloX, it's treated as APX's users for revenue sharing calculation purposes.

Burn Mechanism

We expect this new feature to bring in a lot of new users, traders, and volume. We want to ensure the value goes back to our BABY token on top of offering the trading fee discount. 20% of all trading fees from users who sign up on BabySwap will be converted into BABY and burned.